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AAVID: Heat Sinks, extrusions, heat exchangers, off the shelf or custom designs.
AMATOM: Standoffs, spacers and handles.
APEX: Fastener Tools, Assembly Tools, and Universal Joints.
BIVAR: Card guides, spacers, and racks.
BOSSARD: Metric Screws, machine, self tapping, nuts, washers in standard/specials, pins, and bolts.
BRADY: Wire and cable labels/markers.
CAMCAR TEXTRON: Fasteners, screws, coldheaded parts, taptite, plastite, drilltite, crimptite, and clinch nuts.
CLAUSS: Industrial/Electronic scissors, shears, strippers, clippers, trimmers, pliers, and tweezers.
CONSOLIDATEDWIRE AND CABLE: Wire, power cords, cable components, molded, custom, wire and cable assemblies.
COOPER TOOLS: Crescent, Diamond, Weller, Wiss, Ungar, Erem, Lufkin, Nicholson, Plumb, Xcelite, H..K.Porter, Metronix, Wire-wrap, Kahnetics, and Cambell Chain products.
DEK: Electronic Hardware, ribbon clips, Flat or Round wire & cable routing clamps.
DEVICE TECH.: Spring-fast grommet edging, wire protection, specialty wire management products.
GB ELECTRICAL: Wire connectors, terminals, heat shrink, switches, fish tape, stripping, cable ties & tools.
HEYCO: Bushings, hole plugs, strain reliefs, hose/cable clamps, molded nylon, conduit, EC connectors, power outlets, wire connecting, terminating, and terminal blocks.
ITW FASTEX: Christmas tree clips, panel fasteners latch/lock, self adhesive bumpers, LED holders, grounding clips, plastic leveling feet, rivets removable/non-removable, & purse lock.
KEYSTONE: Plugs, jacks, lugs, battery contacts, grommets, pins, sockets, and electronic hardware.
LONG-LOK: Locking fasteners, strips-patches, self-locking and self-sealing fasteners.
LYNTRON: Standoffs, spacers, handles, metals, plastics, metrics and connector kits, screwlocks, jackscrews, plastic hardware, precision electronic hardware, and specials.
MATCO: Mechanics hand tools and service accessories for the automotive aftermarket.
MAGNA: Bits, saw blades, extensive line of products includes cutting, boring & threading tools
MICRO PLASTICS: Nylon hardware, knobs, machine screws, nylon spacers/standoffs, xmas tree clips,arrow clips, molded plastic hardware, standard/metrics, vent plugs, snap rivets, wire clips, cable/hose clamps, cable ties, nylon shoulder washers, and installation tools.
3M: Tapes and specialty converted products, bumpers, Velcro, hook and loop.
REGAL CUTTING TOOLS: Cutting Tools, taps, dies, metric special taps, plug and ring gages.
RAF: Standoffs, spacers, handles, metals, plastics, metrics & connector kits, thumbscrews, shoulder screws, captive panel screws, precision electronic hardware, and specials.
RICHCO: Wire & cable routing, plastic extrusions, cable/fiber management, circuit board hardware, rivets, bumpers, feet, cable ties, clamps, clips, and custom molding.
ROTOR CLIP: Retaining rings, E rings, tools, ring assembled axially/radially, and push-on fasteners.
SEASTROM: Solder lugs, fuse clips, stampings, washers (metal and plastic), clamps, brackets, O-rings, solid state insulators, spring washers, shoulder washers & spring clips.
SHEAR-LOC: Thumb screws, knobs, metric knobs, stainless, socket head cap screw and thumb screw kits.
SPRINGS & STAMPING: ISO9002 registered firm, CNC machining. Design and production of extension, torsion, double torsion, and compression springs. Silkscreen, liquid paint or powder coating.
THOMAS & BETTS: Electrical Products, tubing, plastic & metal conduit connectors, & cable fasteners.
TINNERMAN/PALNUT: lips, retainers, self locking speed nuts, J, U self retaining fasteners & push-on.
HELLERMANNTYTON: Cable management, cable component marking identification products, surface raceway, wiring duct, terminations, connections, and a variety of security products.
UNITRACK: PC Card guides, ejectors, mounts, IC koolers, fan pak's, and cages.

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