Take advantage of our engineering staff. They can help determine your precise needs by assisting you in developing new solutions, new products and resolving old problems. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers.

Application Engineering

ISCO analyzes the ways in which our individual customers use fasteners to assemble equipment. We may then suggest alternative products and/or methods when such re-engineering would result in fewer parts, less expensive hardware, faster assembly time or higher quality assembly. We will investigate any application where faster, better or less costly methods may be introduced. In addition, ISCO offers consulting sessions to help educate and train customers on the use and application of fasteners.

Grommets Consulting Fastener Engineering
Plating Die Cutting Heat Treating
Heat Treating Fabricating Cable Assemblies
Kitting Lamp Assembly Panel Manufacturing
Stampings Wire Management Assembly-General/Specialized
Bushings Machining Screw Machine
Hardware Gaskets Alternative Sources
Brackets Springs Wire Harnesses
Foam Tape Spacers Electro-mechanical Assemblies

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